Zebra Technologies Acquires Xplore Technologies

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Zebra decides to strengthen their strategic growth areas and build their leadership in the tablet market with Xplore.

Xplore has a portfolio of semi-, fully and ultra-rugged tablets and 2-in-1 laptops; the addition of which places Zebra as a market leader in the segment and expands their relevance with both existing and new customers. Zebra will spend the remainder of 2018 and early 2019 integrating the Xplore business into Zebra. Some key information is set out below:

  • Xplore and Zebra will operate as two separate companies with 2 separate partner programs until the integration is complete — business as usual for business transactions with either company. Any available SKUs, promotions & sales incentives as a combined company won’t be in effect until post-integration; anticipated no earlier than October 1st and no later than December 31st 2018.
  • The goal is to offer the Xplore product portfolio as part of the Zebra portfolio, and all integration efforts will be thoughtfully executed, including any requirements and certifications that best meet the needs of customers and Zebra’s partner community