KwikStock version 2.16

KwikStock V2.16 A new version of KwikStock for Opera II has been released which provides compatibility with both Opera II version 4.xx and the latest Opera II incarnation v5.xx. This version is free to all users with an up-to-date AMC. Please ask your reseller for further details.

The Benefits:

  • SAVE TIME stock taking, changing cost prices, changing selling prices and adjusting stock levels, simply by browsing your entire stock file or a section of it selected by product, warehouse or category, on a single screen.
  • SPEED UP stock take data entry TEN-FOLD.
  • EASE OF OPERATION encourages regular stock takes.
  • FLEXIBILITY OF USE promotes perpetual inventory.
  • ACCURACY of input to the stock take is greatly improved through easy to use, easy to edit, comprehensive browse screens.
  • MANAGEMENT CONTROL is improved by the provision of detailed exception reports and audit trials.
  • And all of these benefits are instantly available from software which can be installed quickly, learned in a few minutes and has a genuine OPERA feel and look-alike.