BridgeWMS Benefits

How Can a Warehouse Management System Improve Your Business?

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Improved Efficiency

BridgeWMS will work intuitively with the structure of your warehouse. Analysing multiple factors including item locations, stock quotes, labour availability, item weight and order volume, BridgeWMS will automatically recommend the most efficient picking instructions and deliver them to your expected courier for accurate packing and despatch. This will decrease me spent fulfilling orders and will optimise the flow of stock through the warehouse including stock with multiple bin locations. BridgeWMS will highlight bins to refill, create replenish lists, and direct to a default bin for picking.

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Minimised Expense

You will have access to real me, accurate records of all available stock that can be referenced at any moment of the day. Knowing exactly how much stock you have, what is already assigned to an order and what you expect to come in will prevent waste and excessive stock levels. Utilising FIFO, BridgeWMS will optimise the process of ordering, picking, packing and despatching

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Stock Accuracy

BridgeWMS will provide a clear and accurate platform to manage real-time stock levels in multiple locations and optimum order placement. Complete control over the movement of every item of stock will allow for accurate replenishment of stock based on the current flow and demands, improving the strategic potential of warehouse management as well as the operational processes

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Optimise Processes

The perceived necessity to acquire additional labour and facilities to grow your business will be negated. BridgeWMS maximises the efficiency and accuracy of existing processes with automated stock rotation, efficient picking and packing instructions and supported purchasing requirements. Optimising all these processes will fully utilise the facilities and labour already available, improving the organisation and capacity of the current warehouse structure.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Sasfacon BridgeWMS will provide the tools to build stronger relationships with customers and suppliers. Real-time stock data will result in accurate and efficiently despatched goods which will result in enhanced customer service. BridgeWMS will also provide itemised stock traceability and assisted purchasing procedures, which will help to improve communications with suppliers and develop the ordering process in addition to the relationship.

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Maximised Productivity

All information on current available labour, capacity, stock and resources can be used to manage and assign sales orders for picking. This will optimise the productivity of available employees and reduce the need for additional labour during the sales peaks. This will increase efficiency and improve procedures, decreasing the possibility of employee stress, therefore increasing morale