Bridge V1.66

The latest version of Bridge for Opera II provides Opera II v5 comparability.

A new version of the Bridge for Opera II has been released which provides comparability with both Opera II version 4.xx and the latest Opera II incarnation v5.xx. This version is free to all users with an up-to-date AMC. Please ask your reseller for further details.

Advantages of The Data Capture and of The Bridge:

  • EASE OF USE – Our portable barcode terminals are used by all age groups and employee types, ranging from shop floor and warehouse operatives to office staff and management. The equipment is carefully selected and programmed to emulate familiar workshop and office techniques. Particularly current opera proceedures.
  • EFFICIENT, ACCURATE COLLECTION OF DATA – Barcodes enable immediate capture of precise and accurate information. For example, complex stock reference, search reference and pay point data is copied to the handheld device in a fraction of a second.
  • REDUCTION OF KEYBOARD ENTRY – The Bridge system reduces the use of the keyboard by up to 85% on Opera stock and order processing routines.
  • REMOVAL OF SYSTEM BOTTLENECKS – The main aim of The Bridge is to enter data into Opera as soon as possible, eliminating paper work and offering on-line positive information.
  • ELIMINATION OF HAND-WRITTEN DATA – Misinterpretation, upon input to Opera, of poorly produced hand-written data can cause increasing problems throughout processing.
  • PROVISION OF SEAMLESS INTEGRATION TO OPERA – MJM are authorised Opera developers, and have created a complete integrated module. No external software is required.