TSC Alpha 2R

Alpha Series 2-Inch Performance Mobile Printer

This printer features a high-performance, compact, and affordable mobile receipt printer. It is cost-effective, built for high durability, comes equipped with important features, and offers a selection of compatible accessories.

TSC Alpha 2R Data Sheet


TDM Series 2-Inch Performance Mobile Printer

The TDM Series features a rugged palm-sized design for easy, on-the-go printing for over 17 hours on a single battery charge.

TSC TDM 2R Data Sheet

TSC Alpha 3R

Alpha Series 3-Inch Performance Mobile Printer

The Alpha Series 3-inch printers are available in three models, the Alpha-3R, Alpha-30R and Alpha-30L mobile printers. These are comfortable, lightweight capable of printing labels on demand, and built for durability and can withstand multiple drops and keep printing. Our latest mobile printers, the Alpha-30R along with Alpha-30L (launched in 2021), propel you into the next generation of smart, enhanced technology solutions for industrial-grade label printing applications. Unlock the power of greater visibility into real-time data on the health and performance of your Alpha-30L and Alpha-30R printer with included remote printer management software.

TSC Alpha 3R Data Sheet


TDM Series 3-Inch Performance Mobile Printer

The TDM Series is equipped to operate across different platforms with multiple connectivity options. Its lightweight, durable and flexible design, coupled with ease of operation without sacrifice functionality is especially critical for retail & mobile point of sale (MPOS) applications.

TSC TDM 3R Data Sheet

TSC Alpha-30R Basic Version

The new generation TSC mobile printer, the Alpha-30R, is user-friendly and drop-resistant. It enhances customer service, boosts productivity and improves shopper experience in retail stores. The Alpha-30R is stylish and comfortable to use and prints receipts or labels
on demand. Mobile printing operations can be carried out much faster and with more accuracy.

TSC Alpha-30R Mobile Barcode Printer

TSC Alpha-30R Premium Version

The Alpha-30R is compact and very efficient, it also has a large-capacity smart battery that enables it to carry out a complete shift of work
without interruption. The Apple-certified MFi Bluetooth® 5.0 connection and 802.11ac Wi-Fi fast roaming features allow the Alpha-30R to
provide reliable and seamless communication with user devices to achieve optimal mobile field work.

TSC Alpha-30R Premium Version

TSC Alpha 4R

Alpha Series 4-Inch Performance Mobile Printers

These printers come equipped with a full line of mobile printing accessories that save money and time. Options for this series include linerless printing tools, remote printer management software, and much more.

TSC Alpha 4R Data Sheet