Handheld Wearables

RS60 Wearable Ring Scanner

The RS60 ring scanner is easy to pair with a mobile computer using the Android ring control app and the option of either scanning a barcode or NFC tap to pair. With integrated BT Class 1, you can stay connected to devices—like a forklift-mounted tablet or a holstered-handheld—up to 100 m (300 feet) away.

RS60 Data Sheet

SP500X Wearable ScanPrinter

The SP500X ScanPrinter is a unique wearable scan-and-print solution that integrates 2D imaging, inkjet printing and wireless communication in one device. It's designed to create a revolution in high-volume logistic operations that use manual scanning and labeling to sort packages. With its integrated printer and Wi-Fi, the SP500X is truly mobile - you can quickly scan and print directly on packages anywhere in your facility, all while keeping both hands free.

SP500X Data Sheet