Zebra Tablets


Zebra’s tablets deliver the consumer styling your workers are used to with the enterprise-class features they need to get the job done – inside the four walls or out in the field.


ET60 Business Tablet


The most versatile, rugged Android Wi-Fi 6E business tablets. with Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity, the ET60 is built for the most challenging indoor environments - from warehouse aisles to the manufacturing plant floor, in hand and mounted to forklifts, clamp trucks, and other material handling vehicles. And when it comes to data capture, workers can capture barcodes in hand and on the highest shelves on warehouse racks; high-resolution photos for proof of condition and quality control; and more.

ET60 Data Sheet

ET65 Business Tablet


The most versatile, rugged Android Wi-Fi 6E and 5G business tablets. with support for Wi-Fi 6E, 5G and 5G/4G LTE private networks, the ET65 is built for the most demanding expansive indoor and unpredictable outdoor environments. Use it in ports and yards where it is exposed to the elements around the clock. Give it to field technicians who spend their days in and out of their vehicles maintaining equipment or conducting walk-by meter readings. And when it comes to data capture, workers can capture barcodes in-hand and up to 40ft./12 m away; high-resolution photos to document condition; standardised data such as shipping container numbers, meter readings and more.

ET65 Data Sheet

ET40 Enterprise Tablet


The ET40 with Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity is ideal for workers who spend their shifts inside your facility. In retail, associates can scan a barcode to look up the price, inventory availability and related items for cross-selling; help customers make buying decisions with assisted selling; line bust with mobile point of sale solutions; and more. Restaurant wait staff can use the ET40 to take orders, show guests photos of menu items to help upsell everything from appetizers to dessert, monitor when orders are ready for pick up and take payment at the end of the meal. Supervisors can easily delegate tasks and monitor task execution. And staff members with an ET40 or other Zebra device can easily collaborate with instant push-to-talk and secure text messaging via Zebra’s optional Workforce Connect PTT Pro.

ET40 Data Sheet

ET45 Enterprise Tablet


The ET45 is ideal for drivers who spend their days picking up and delivering parcels, providing all the features they need to maximize efficiency — and stay on schedule. With 5G and Wi-Fi 6, drivers get the fastest and most reliable wireless connections out on the road and in the depot. The high-resolution color camera makes it easy to snap a photo for proof of delivery and parcel condition. Integrated barcode scanning makes it easy to take inventory inside the truck — and quickly locate the right package at each stop. Connect a Bluetooth printer to print accurate invoices on the spot. Create a mobile point of sale (POS) with innovative payment solutions to enable drivers to charge customers at the point of pickup or delivery. Dispatch can see the location of all drivers at all times, enabling more efficient routing to reduce mileage and fuel costs. And with optional two-way radio and secure text messaging communications, all your drivers are always accessible in seconds, enabling a more collaborative and agile team.

ET45 Data Sheet

ET40-HC Healthcare Tablet


The ET40-HC with Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity is designed for use inside your facility. Nurses can use the ET40-HC to access and update electronic health records (EHRs), receive patient medical alarms and alerts, reach co-workers — from nurses and physicians to lab technicians and patient transport, call for immediate help and more. Inside waiting rooms, use the ET40-HC in the Presentation stand to create a self-check-in kiosk. Bedside in patient rooms, the ET40-HC can enable patients to reach out directly to housekeeping and food service for non-emergency needs, allowing nurses to work at the top of their license. The tablets can also improve the quality of care and the patient experience, enabling patients to communicate an urgent need or concern to a nurse or place a dependable video call to visit with family. The tablets can even replace an in-room television, providing patients with access to movies, shows and news — and they can pair their own cordless Bluetooth headset to the tablet so as not to disturb other nearby patients.

ET40HC Data Sheet

ET45-HC Healthcare Tablet


The ET45-HC with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is designed for caregivers who spend their day providing care in patient homes or who work in expansive facilities and need to stay in contact at all times — even when travelling between buildings. With 5G, caregivers can expect the fastest and most dependable wireless connections, no matter where the workday may take them — even inside patient homes. And when caregivers return to the hospital or clinic, Wi-Fi 6 continues to provide the same fast and dependable connections. The ET45-HC is also ideal in pop-up clinics, where Wi-Fi may not be available, providing caregivers with everything they need to provide the highest quality of care in temporary facilities — and providing self-registration or check-in kiosks in the waiting area.

ET45HC Data Sheet

ET51 Enterprise Tablet with Integrated Scanner and Payment


Integrated SE4710 imager, fully assembled with a pre-installed adjustable hand strap in a protective frame with increased drop specs. Instantly create a mobile payment solution with the use of a Zebra Payment Accessory Cover to attach your payment device. Choose Windows or Android platform.

ET51 Android with Integrated Scanner Data Sheet
ET51 Windows with Integrated Scanner Data Sheet

ET51 Enterprise Rugged Tablet


For use inside or on grounds with WiFi coverage, the ET51 is thin and lightweight but will take a drop, a hose-down, or handle sub-zero temperatures. Daylight viewable displays in either 8.4in. or 10.1in. sizes and a fanless design for quiet, efficient operation. Add a barcode reader on the back. Choose Windows or Android platform.

ET51 Android Data Sheet
ET51 Windows Data Sheet

ET56 Enterprise Rugged Tablet


When your work takes you off-site, that doesn't mean you're out of touch. With the ET56 Android or Windows tablet, you can communicate almost anywhere with fast LTE WAN access. With a weight as little as 1.15 lbs. and a mere 1/2-inch thickness, you'll hardly know it's there. And with the power and battery life to keep your apps at your fingertips, even if you're wearing gloves, in any weather.

ET56 Android Data Sheet
ET56 Windows Data Sheet

XSLATE L10 Rugged Tablet


Whether you opt for Windows or Android, your XSlate L10 will deliver more than enough computing power. It is the smallest and lightest of the L10 family for workers who need the ultimate rugged traditional tablet. Roam far and wide connected to the information and people you need with advanced wireless connectivity. A hot swappable battery is standard, but this tablet will stay powered for over 24 hours with the extended-life, accessory battery.

XSLATE L10 Android Data Sheet
XSLATE L10 Windows Data Sheet
XSLATE L10ax Windows Data Sheet

XPAD L10 Rugged Tablet


Experience all the same great features of the XSlate with an integrated rigid handle on top, ideal for workers who spend all day on their feet carrying their tablet from task to task. The XPad also includes a built-in barcode reader for fast and accurate data capture of virtually any barcode in any condition.

XPAD L10 Android Data Sheet
XPAD L10 Windows Data Sheet
XPAD L10ax Windows Data Sheet

XBOOK L10 Rugged 2-in-1 Tablet


The XBook L10 is a highly versatile rugged tablet designed to be the perfect laptop alternative. Just combine the XSlate L10 with a fully-functional removable keyboard and KickStrap accessories, it can easily be used on the back of a truck bed or at your office desk for long-form data entry. The KickStrap has an integrated Kickstand that closes tightly when workers are on the move, enabling access to the Rotating Hand Strap, which can be adjusted for hand size as well as unique rotation angle.

XBOOK L10 Android Data Sheet
XBOOK L10 Windows Data Sheet

ET80 Rugged 2-in-1 Tablet


Rugged is standard with the ET80, which makes it an ideal match for the manufacturing plant floor. You’re on your feet and on the go. So, we’ve designed the ET80 to be lightweight and sleek, yet durable with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. The fanless thermal design, IP65 rating and wipeable exterior are ideal for cleanroom applications and other particulate-sensitive areas. And with Class 1 Division 2 certification, you can configure it for safe use when flammable hazardous materials are present. Tailor it to work your way with a touchscreen, keyboard or both, along with an ecosystem of accessories.

ET80 Data Sheet

ET85 Rugged 2-in-1 Tablet


Go anywhere and perform in the most unforgiving environments to deliver exceptional value. Ideal for public safety and field service industries, the ET85 is designed for use inside a vehicle and on the go. Thin and lightweight, it’s also rugged to withstand the inevitable drops that happen on the job. Dock and undock with ease. Work your way with a detachable rugged keyboard and touchscreen with an easy-to-see display that’s viewable, even in bright sunlight. The touchscreen works when wet and with gloves. Rely on advanced wireless connectivity and ingenious battery technology to power your day, wherever your work takes you.

ET85 Data Sheet