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The Algiz 10XR is a smaller, lighter, 10-inch Windows tablet that achieves more even while taking up less space. It brings two times better graphics and measurably faster performance. Future-proof 5G communication can handle live video streams and bandwidth-heavy tasks like mapping. The Algiz 10XR was developed for field work or other challenging environments within logistics, mining, public transport, public safety, waste management or GIS and has also been designed with modulization and customization in mind.

Algiz 10XR Data Sheet


Featuring a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon platform, Android 11 and an IP67 rating, the Algiz RT10 is a state-of-the-art rugged tablet. It brings broad capabilities plus portability and toughness so you can work virtually anywhere.

The new Algiz RT10 rugged tablet can withstand water, dust, shock and extreme temperatures. Yet it’s slim and among the lightest in its class at 980 grams (2.2 lb). Future-proof 5G functionality allows live video streaming in the field. Plus, Android Enterprise Recommended (AER), validated by Google, puts it on a shortlist of qualified, enterprise-focused devices.

Algiz RT10 Data Sheet


The Algiz 8X is a Windows tablet that offers a reliable processor and maximises efficiency on long days in tough environments. This rugged product is sleek in its design and suitable for all of today's field professionals.

ALGIZ 8X Data Sheet


The powerful Algiz 10X rugged tablet offers sophisticated technology and can withstand weather elements and harsh handling — a perfect match for today’s mobile workforce. It operates on a powerful Intel® quad-core processor, with a 128 GB SSD, expandable
via microSD™ and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, offering top-of-the-line computing capability and massive storage capacity. The Algiz 10X comes standard with Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit).

Algiz 10X Data Sheet


Imagine doing the same work you do now, but doing it better. The Algiz RT8 is a unique 8-inch Android tablet computer built specifically to increase fieldwork efficiency. Work faster, with more focus and fewer interruptions. The Algiz RT8 is ultra-rugged, with a stunning screen, user-friendly design, a range of built-in tools and optional accessories, and even a suite of free mobile device management software. We’d say this tablet can do everything a consumer tablet can do, but that’s not quite true — it can do much more.

Algiz RT8 Data Sheet