Terra Nova Equipment Ltd

A tailored service for Terra Nova Equipment Ltd.

The Company:

Terra Nova Equipment Ltd is based in Derbyshire, England. The company was formed in 1993 following the demerger of Wild Country Ltd, when Wild Country’s tent division and its extremities accessories business became Terra Nova Equipment Ltd.  The Terra Nova brand was established and tents previously sold under the Wild Country name were marketed as Terra Nova.  Terra Nova Equipment later acquired the rights to use the name ‘Wild County’ on tents and the company developed a second range of tents.

The Need:

  • To improve order accuracies, when picking, packing and despatching.
  • To improve stock accuracy within the warehouse

The Solution:

  • Bridge WMS improved order accuracy by having separate picking and packing functions meaning that there is an additional check that the correct products and quantities have been sent out when the order has been despatched.
  • Bridge WMS improved stock accuracy via receipt manager which checks the correct product and quantities are being receipted against a Purchase Order. The receipt must then be checked and approved as a separate process.

“We would definitely recommend MJM’s WMS! Everyone who uses Opera 3 for the warehouse process should use MJM’s WMS!” Sylwester Wacht Group Operations Manager

  • “WMS enabled us to improve order and stock accuracies in our organisation.”
  • “Receiving works much better with Receipt manager.”