Specialist Sports Shoes Ltd

A tailored service for Specialist Sports Shoes Ltd.

The Company:

SSS Ltd was established in 1992 to distribute Adidas Olympic sports products to the sports retail trade. Over time the company has experienced significant growth and is now the official
adidas distributor for 10 specialist Adidas categories in various markets.

The Need:

Due to significant growth in the volume of stock being processed, Specialist Sports Shoes required a system that would use the stock barcodes for receipting and despatching goods.

  • They required a system that would improve both the accuracy and speed of order checking prior to despatch to keep up with the requirement.
  • A system that would integrate the purchase and sales order chain in order to increase the speed and accuracy of the whole process.
  •  It was also a requirement that the system would update in real-time to prevent stock shortages and maintain a continuous stock check.

The Solution:

The Bridge was installed with CipherLab Cp50 hand-held devices enabling the use of barcodes to identify and track all items of stock.

  • The Bridge system was installed with the additional LiveLink module, which offers the capabilities of a real-time continuous stock check. This module allows SSS to monitor their
    own stock levels without delaying order processing.
  • The Bridge helped to improve the accuracy of the stock that was being receipted and despatched whilst the hand-held devices enabled a greater speed when checking and packing, with both hardware and software decreasing the possibility for human error.

“Stocktake was brilliant and has helped a lot more than we were expecting.”– Richard Mantell (Specialist Sports Shoes)