Ruskim Seafood

Case Studies

A tailored service for Ruskim.

The Company:

Ruskim Seafoods is an International Private company which specializes in the importation and supply of seafood products. As a major supplier they employ local agents in The Philipines, West Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai and Ireland.

The Need:

Ruskim wanted to bring their accounting system in to the 21st century, but had a number of requirements to meet.

  • They wanted to retain their old system but improve upon it, not entirely replace it.
  • As a very niche market there was no possibility of buying the product they needed off the shelf.
  • They needed to reduce the man hours required for administration.

The Solution:

Ruskim came to MJM for a solution through ‘CK Systems’ a reseller of MJM’s ‘Bridge’ package. They found the solution to their needs in our ‘Van Sales’ product, a derivative of Bridge Mobile.

  • MJM were able to tailor a package specifically to suit the needs of the company.
  • The new accounting system links in to their existing system which means they haven’t had to waste time transferring all of their many client accounts.
  • The new system has much improved the presentation of their invoices, which are no longer hand written saving as they’d hoped many man hours with administration.
“MJM were incredibly efficient and very accessible. They were always available for one to one meetings, provided the continuity of dealing with one person, in our case Paul, who was great to work with and didn’t baffle us with science. MJM met all of our needs and provided excellent training. I would definitely recommend them.”

Kim Williamson, Director – Ruskim Ltd