Quality Hydraulic Power Ltd


A tailored service for Quality Hydraulic Power Ltd.


The Company:

Founded in 1987, Quality Hydraulic Power (QHP) is part of the global HYDAC Group who are the world’s leading manufacturer of gas loaded bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators. Offering both standard and bespoke accumulators QHP is the leading manufacturer of oil and gas accumulators and subsea compensators.

Their wide experience and reputation for innovation and customer care has earned them a world class customer base, while their technical solutions to specific customer applications have allowed them to develop a unique market skill for specialising in and customising any oil and gas product to meet individual needs.

The Need:

QHP has existing business management software in place which works well in many ways, but fell short in two very important aspects. The first was a requirement for a sophisticated inventory management system and the second was that it did not contain a planning module, so they came to MJM Data Capture Ltd to provide help in these areas.

Phase 1 Bridge WMS: 

QHP’s main issue was a disjointed stock system with little functionality and no synchronisation resulting in an over-complicated valuation process. They needed a system in place that helped solve this issue but that crucially connected to their business management software seamlessly.

Phase 2 Planning Manager:

QHP’s expanding business meant they had outgrown their existing planning processes. They required the benefits that a resource planning module would bring such as supporting automation and processes in finance, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and more, but did not want to implement a costly ERP system.

The Solution:

Phase 1 Bridge WMS:

Supported by a full-time helpdesk the fully developed and refined Bridge WMS software was installed alongside Bartender automation and handheld devices. This system synchronises data from Sales, Works and Purchase Orders as well as Stock to allow the creation of fully customisable and searchable live data tables.

Phase 2 Planning Manager:

Leveraging the Bridge WMS software and MJM Data Capture’s in house development team to build the Planning Manager with a profusion of functionality.  Allowing the overlay of user definable data whilst recording a full audit trail of changes, along with permission tiers and accessibility settings meaning it could be expanded across the business immediately.

The Benefits:

Phase 1 Bridge WMS:

The Bridge WMS software has greatly improved data accuracy providing better stock valuation and provision calculations. Improved visibility has helped reduce excess and maintain optimum stock levels whilst assisting in the identification of slow-moving inventory to cut down on obsolescence.

Phase 2 Planning Manager:

Providing a comprehensive view of the business’s projects facilitated by cross department co-ordination has provided the leadership team with up-to-date information on stock availability and live manufacturing updates. Allowing for better decisions with the prioritisation of workflow and ultimately communicate with customers more effectively.

“Thanks for all your work on the development, we are very pleased with the results. It’s already providing better visibility and accessibility to our data across the business. I can see the vision was well understood and shared, and it’s great to now see it in action. “- Tony Tanswell Financial Controller at Quality Hydraulic Power Ltd